Friday, February 10, 2012

Arthur Mobile Radar System Demonstration for Thai Marines

11 Februari 2012

Arthur weapon locating radar (all photos : Thai Artilery Marines)

On 8 Februari 2012 Thai Marines demonstrated with Arthur mobile radar station to find the location of weapons. To participate in training is a battalion of Tactical weapons and Artillery at Sattahip, Chonburi.

ARTHUR is an abbreviation for mobile "
Artillery Hunting Radar" was developed by Erricson Microwave Systems, which has been acquired in 2006 by the Swedish Saab group.

The system provides ground units with early warning and accurate location of hostile artillery fires. The radar is effective at ranges up to 40 km, where it can detect small size targets. Within a few seconds of the initial detection, the system plots the launch site for counter-fire, and predicts the point of impact, to alert ground troops which could be endangered by the attack. A number of targets can be tracked simultaneously while search continues. After tracking, the launching position is determined and data on located batteries are transmitted on a data link to the artillery Fire Direction Centre.

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